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Information About Kava in Australia:

Orange Golf Club with caption Buy Kava in Orange Online

Wanting to buy kava in Orange online?

Well, now you can buy Kava in Orange online at our KAVA SHOP!

At Buy Kava Australia we wish to ensure that Orange kava drinkers have the best kava available to them. For that reason, our kava is the very best that’s grown in Vanuatu and Fiji. Moreover, as we know from our own kava experiences over the past decade or so, only the best Kava will do!

As we don’t have retail outlets, we ship out daily from our Gold Coast warehouse. Consequently, deliveries to Orange generally only take a couple of business days to land.

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Here's What Australians Think About Our Kava

So, you want to buy kava in Orange online.

Well then, here are some facts that will help you make the right choice for you.

Large Bowl of Kava

Are you unfamiliar with Kava? Well, it’s a traditional South Pacific drink that has been used for centuries to treat anxiety, stress and insomnia. As such, this should be good news for you as we all know – your life is busy. And you possibly don’t have time to worry about what you’re going to do when the world feels like it’s closing in on you. Worse still, you may even be wondering how you’re going to get a good night’s sleep.

That’s why we created Buy Kava Australia. Reason being is that we wanted to make sure our Pacific Islander community (and their friends) had access to the best Kava available. Due to our prompt delivery service, there’s no more worrying about whether your Kava will arrive on time—or at all!

Noble variety kava is a root plant with its proper name being Piper methysticum. Furthermore, it is thought that the name Kava derives from the Tongan language meaning “bitter”. You may not be aware that it’s only the root of the plant that’s used to make kava powder and for drinks. Consequently, different parts of the root are used for different purposes.

Although there are many types of kava, we only stock 100% noble varieties. This is because they are certified organic and have the highest levels of active ingredients (known as kavalactones). These same ingredients are the ones that produce a pleasant feeling of relaxation without causing any sedation or drowsiness.

Picture of Instant Kava pack along with the inscription - "Get your kava on in an instant" Also, did you know that the effects from Kava are due to the kavalactones? These are a lactone compound that are responsible for creating the psychotropic effects of Kava drinks. And so it is that these kavalactone compounds make for the best kava. Therefore, people usually measure the potency of Kava based on its kavalactone content.

We take pride in being able to offer you Australia’s premium range of kavas from around the Pacific. They include all your favourite noble strains such as Waka Premium, Borogu, Melo Melo and Kelai and more! And let’s not forget the wonders of our Instant Kava!

HACCAP-Certified All of our kava is certified, which means you get peace of mind knowing it complies with Australian food standard regulations.

Certification is important because it guarantees the kava was grown, harvested, processed and packaged in accordance with Australian food standards. This helps to ensure that when you buy kava, your kava is safe to consume as well as being compliant with all relevant regulations.

Our good news for you is that our kava is available in Orange and everywhere else in New South WalesSo, we deliver from Sydney to Port Macquarie and Wollongong, from Lismore to Wagga Wagga and from Byron Bay to Newcastle. What’s more, we haven’t forgotten towns like Ballina, MuswellbrookTamworthDubboCoffs HarbourMaitland, Taree, Tweed HeadsGriffith and Bathurst.

Once again, we only sell noble varieties of Kava, so you know that your order is guaranteed high quality. Also, our prices are competitive, so you can be sure that every dollar spent is worth it. Plus, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your purchase, we’re here for you 24/7.

Please remember also that we deliver locally to every part of Australia and we’ll make sure that it arrives on time – EVERY TIME.

An added plus is that for any order over $180, we offer you FREE delivery by Express Post and a FREE high-quality strainer bag!
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