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Christmas Kava Recipes - Cocktails & Smoothies


Kava Recipes-Cocktails & Smoothies

Christmas is an “interesting” time of the year. Same goes for New Year’s Eve.

Indeed, there are things that I really love about Christmas 🤩 and things that I really dislike 😠. It would surprise me greatly to find out that I’m the only person on the planet to feel this way at this time of the year.

Firstly, I really enjoy the opportunities presented to kick back (chill) and relax in the company of my favourite people – family and friends.

However, one of my prime dislikes is the crass commercialisation that goes with celebrating Christmas. We are constantly bombarded with advertising from all quarters to “buy this” and “buy that” for our loved ones.

Personally, I am not in the least bit religious (but rather, am of a spiritual mindset). However, for those who do celebrate the religious aspects of Christmas, the message for them is somewhat lost in the cacophony of advertising noise.

Christmas Grinch

Well, without wishing to appear like the Christmas Grinch, I say “stuff it!” (and I don’t mean the stockings either).

This year, I’m going to do something completely different. 

Kava Recipes-Cocktails & Smoothies

What am I going to do differently? Well first up, my plan is……

Instead of focusing on making people around me (friends and family) happy by way of material extravagances (and much of the Christmas gift-giving is exactly that), I plan to spend more quality time with as many friends and family members as I can.

However, this time spent will come with a “twist”. Instead of spending a bucket-load of money on booze, this year I intend to share my “Kavarista” skills (instant kava recipes for cocktails and smoothies!) with everyone.

This means that I shall spend more time with them, all the while introducing them to the joys of sharing a social tonic (using instant kava mostly). Hopefully, my Kavarista skills will be sufficiently developed to be able to delight everyone with such joys as “Christmas Kava Colada” and “Christmas Kava Smoothies”. For the more weight-conscious folks – there’s the “Christmas Kava Orange Dream” and the “Christmas Kava Spritzer” kava recipes.

By the way, a huge plus with kava vs. alcohol is the health and lifestyle benefits. For instance….

Merry Kava Christmas & Happy Shells New Year!