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Information About Kava in Australia:

Feeling stressed? Can’t Sleep?

So, what’s the solution?

Here is why you should buy kava in Australia

Are YOU feeling stressed? We are subjected to all kinds of stress in our daily lives .. True?

As well as the ‘normal’ daily things that affect us, we now have the added pressures placed upon us with the advent of COVID within our communities. Additionally, the escalating cost of living and even the threat from global events such as the invasion of Ukraine and China’s attitude towards Taiwan and its allies can impact adversely on our sense of well-being.

To compound the problem, many folks are also feeling let down by our so-called parliamentary “leaders”. This is because they appear to have no genuine interest in our well-being. Meanwhile, they continue to stick their noses in the proverbial trough to feed themselves and their cronies and do everything they can to hang on to their political positions of power.

Consequently, for you and I, all of these factors can lead to feelings of anxiety and stress and all too often with the by-product of not being able to get a decent night’s sleep.

Very simple – to avoid feeling stressed, the solution is KAVA!

Kava can help to relieve stress and soothe anxiety. Unlike alcohol and nicotine (cigarettes), it isn’t addictive in the physical sense – very much like marijuana. 

Importantly, drinking the “right” kava is essential. By this, I mean that you should only drink kava made from Noble varieties.

Traditionally, only Noble kavas have been used for regular consumption. This is due to their more favourable composition of kavalactones and other compounds that produce more pleasant “feel-good” effects. Also, they have lower potential for causing negative side-effects, such as nausea or “kava hangover”.

One of the conditions for the importation and packaging of kava is that it must carry the ‘warning’ that it may cause drowsiness. Very appropriate too as that’s exactly what it can do – a shell or two before bedtime can be just the ticket for getting a peaceful and restful sleep!

The Fiji Kava and Vanuatu Kava that we import all comes from Noble varieties.