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Here's a New Way to Relax - With Kava


The Face of a Hangover

Surely there’s a better way to socialise and have fun without the unpleasant after-effects of an alcohol hangover?

Well, “Yes!” – there is actually. It’s called Instant Kava. Now you can learn a lot about Instant Kava here, however, in simple terms……..

“Our Instant kava is soluble in water, with only the same effort as stirring a coffee required! Moreover, it’s made using an aqueous extract process, not horrible alcohol, or chemical extraction.

Our product is made from the green kava juice of Borogu and Palarusal kava plants from Santo Island (Vanuatu). Every day, farmers bring fresh kava in from the islands. Subsequently, the kava is then cleaned and juiced under strict HACCP conditions.  What’s more, the juice is then dried out in evaporators to form a powder. From there, it is then milled into a soluble powder ready to drink!”

So, are you looking for a new way to relax and socialise? 🤔

Then Instant Kava could be just what you’re looking for!

Why Instant Kava?

Well – it’s non-alcoholic, 100% organic, vegan-friendly, non-addictive and doesn’t leave you suffering from a hangover or lethargy the following morning.
Additionally, you can drink it in its raw state (just like the South Pacific Islanders do) or enjoy it as a #KavaCocktail. Check out these
A new way to relax with kava