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Information About Kava in Australia:

How to Prepare Kava

How to Prepare Kava - Variations on How to Make Kava

There are many great ways to brew kava with the good thing being – there are no right or wrong techniques. 
Here we are going to cover four of them PLUS an insight on HOW TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR KAVA PREPARATION!

You are most likely like the majority of people in that you prefer to watch a short explainer video rather than read a multitude of words. So, with that in mind, what follows is a series of videos that cover all aspects of kava preparation.

The presenter (who is an experienced kava drinker, kava products development whiz, a long-time kava exporter and importer and all-round good guy!) is Cameron McLeod from our supplier – Australia Kava Shop.

Traditional Kava Preparation Method

Preparing the Kava for Drinking To many of the indigenous Pacific Island cultures where kava grows, the kava preparation is just as important as its consumption. The ritual involved with its preparation adds to its value as a medicine as well as for ceremonial purposes.

As an increasing number of Australians are finding, Kava can be great for stress reduction, easing anxiety and healthier sleep patterns. This is why we so strongly recommend that you give it a go the traditional way at first. The extra 10 to 20 minutes it takes to prepare in this manner can really help to put you in a relaxed and mindful state.

The traditional method we discuss here is as close as possible to the real process used by the Pacific Islanders. However, there is one notable difference. Some Vanuatu kava preparation traditions include chewing up the roots and spitting it out again to make the tea. Note: prepared kava is often referred to as Kava Tea. Anyway, you can well imagine that your friends or family who will be drinking your tea, might prefer to use our pre-powdered kava root instead. We promise that, although the results are the same as chewing, our way is a far more sanitary way of preparing your brew. 

Shaker Bottle Kava Tea

In today’s busy world, it’s quite likely that you don’t have the time required (or inclination)to make traditional kava tea. But that’s okay because there are more convenient ways to make your kava tea. Hence, when making your kava tea for a single serving, the best way to do it is with a kava tea shaker bottle.  A great example of one is the AluBall Kava Shaker.

The Blender Preparation Method

How to make kava using a blenderAnother excellent, efficient way to make your kava tea is to use a blender. This is the fastest way to make a strong kava brew in a short amount of time. In fact, it’s a method that I use frequently in lieu of the traditional kava preparation method.

Basically, it’s a similar process to that of using the Aluball Kava Shaker. You will need:

  • A blender
  • High-grade ground kava root
  • Warm water
  • Some cups

As with the Kava Shaker Method, follow these steps:


Each to his or her own of course BUT – whilst I do drink kava powder-prepared kava, I have a particular fondness for Instant Kava. In fact, you should read the blog article – Do You Know About Instant Kava? It gets into the nitty-gritty of what instant kava is all about with some features and benefits that you are probably unaware of.

Like many of you, I tend to work long and/or ‘stupid’ hours. So, when I’m ready for my shells of kava, I usually want it NOW! And that’s one of the beauties of instant kava – it takes about 10 seconds to prepare and WOOHOO! .. there it is, ready to drink.

To summarise the benefits of Instant Kava, they are:

  • It’s quick and easy to make – simply put into a shaker or glass then stir and drink!
  • You only need a half teaspoon per serve
  • Great for traveling – take it with you anywhere!
  • Made from pure green kava juice – not just micronised powder!


My wife. Even though we spent those many years in Vanuatu and attended many social occasions being celebrated by indigenous Ni-Vanuatu folk, these days my wife just won’t drink it in it’s ‘raw’ state (such as what you would find in a nakamal or mixed at home by yours truly). A point to note here, by the way, is that kava prepared by the aforesaid methods is NOT meant to be sipped. Rather, it should be downed in one hit. This in itself lessens the impact of the earthy taste and isn’t hard to do given that a shell only consists or 50-100ml of liquid.

Mango Kava Cocktail Anyway, if you have a similar aversion to the taste, you can tone it down by adding dairy products such as milk, chocolate milk or even coconut water/milk or almond milk, etc. But let’s say you’re having a social get-together with friends or you just want to drink something different anyway, check out these excellent Kava recipes for Kava Cocktails and Smoothies (alcohol-free).

These are designed to be enjoyed as you would any other form of cocktail – so, you don’t have to chug it down. My personal favourite? The Mango Kava Cocktail – YUM!

In a forthcoming post, we are going to explore the world of kava drinks further, including some new ideas on how best to enjoy it. “HAPPY SHELLS!”


We promised you early in the piece that we would demonstrate to you how to “get more bang for your buck” by ‘supercharging’ your kava preparation.

The video below, once again presented by Cameron McLeod from the Australia Kava Shop, tells all. P.S. It absolutely works!


It doesn’t matter how you make kava because the results are going to be similar. That is, you’ll still have the same effect and taste. So, what is the difference? Well, the main differences are:

  • The time it takes to prepare the brew
  • The level of convenience when mixing your kava. 

So what it really comes down to are your personal preferences. With that in mind, we suggest (recommend, even) that you try a few different preparation methods before settling on the brewing method that you feel is right for you. On a personal note, when I have the time and wanting the most immersive experience, I use the traditional method.

On the other hand, when I wish to “get my kava on” in a hurry, I use one of The other methods. On that note, you may well be asking yourself – 

Which Method Is Right For Me?

Picture containing image of kava bowl Thankfully, we are all individuals with different personalities and different lifestyles and priorities. Given that, it’s certain that our preferences won’t be predetermined, as such.

So, some people really enjoy the traditional, ritual preparation method, while others would rather use shaker bottles or blenders for speed and convenience. There is of course one more very popular, as already been discussed – using instant kava (one of my personal favourites).

In wrapping up – if you’d like to find out more about kava, please look at our recent Blog article “What is Kava?“. And always remember that – 

FACT: The world’s a better place when you drink kava!