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Information About Kava in Australia:

Is Kava a Mystery to you?

Solving the mystery of Kava - Kava Cup with Instant Kava Pack WELL, IF KAVA IS A MYSTERY TO YOU….
Then let’s see if we can clear the air on some of its features. Here, we shall work on dispelling any myths you may have heard about it.
“It tastes like muddy water!” You may have heard this phrase bandied about OR even experienced the kava taste yourself. Actually, quality kava can be quite palatable (especially the Instant Kava). Still, for those with ‘delicate’ taste buds, check out these delicious kava “mocktail” recipes.
The main things to know about kava are these facts which should help to resolve the “kava mystery”:
1) It’s non-alcoholic. So, unlike alcohol, you can get your “buzz” without suffering a hangover afterwards;
2) Grown from a plant (Piper Methysticum) in the Pacific Islands and in particular, Vanuatu and Fiji, kava is totally organic. As such, no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides are needed or used. As we know, it’s only the roots that are used for the production of kava that’s suitable for drinking;
3) Did you know that just as there can be “bad booze”, “krap kava” also exists? Indeed, what I’m referring to here is what is often called “tu-dei” (two-day) kava. This is kava (often bush kava) that is produced from the above-ground stem, instead of from the roots only.
So, just as I do, it’s vital that when you’re drinking kava, that it’s Noble Variety strains. Reputable kava dealers will ONLY sell this kind. Moreover, like we do, our kava is properly certified in the country of origin as well as here in Australia. In fact, we even publish our certification results.
We have two links on our website that will help you in understanding more about kava.
That is – one is the menu link to “Kava in Australia” with the other being our blog post at “Feeling Stressed? Can’t Sleep?“.
So, hopefully, our brief article here has cleared up some of the mystery surrounding kava.
Nevertheless, please feel welcome to call me at any time (Phil) on 0452 144 476 with any queries that you might have.

“The world’s a better place when you drink kava!”