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Information About Kava in Australia:

Kava -The Magic Alternative to Alcohol

Vanuatu Natural Kava

Group of friends drinking kava with caption ALCOHOL-FREE No Hangovers There is good reason to say that Kava is “The Magic Alternative to Alcohol”

Please – don’t get me wrong, because I’m not against the drinking of alcohol per se. I too enjoy a coldie on a hot day, a gutsy red over dinner or the occasional single malt whiskey.

BUT….. as you progress down this page, you will see for yourself why I make this statement.

All we ask is that, as this is for your eyes only, it would be a good idea to answer truthfully.

Have you ever:

Well, and I don’t admit to this proudly, but I plead “Guilty” to all of the above (with the exception of #6 – I was always a “happy drunk”).

Thankfully, I am fortunate to have discovered that wonderful South Pacific herb, KAVA, a long time ago in the nakamals (meeting places) of Vanuatu. What an eye-opening experience that proved to be. A bunch of people, from all walks of life, sitting around chatting, telling tales, sharing some laughs and all the while – “buzzing” from the kava yet doing so without the loss of faculties such as those often experienced after a few alcoholic drinks.

The really nice thing about this environment was that, in all the years I drank in the nakamals, I never, repeat – NEVER saw an argument or a fight there! That’s the POWER OF KAVA! All the buzz without any aggravation. That’s the beauty and blessing of Vanuatu Natural Kava!

Australians in particular have taken to this traditional drink, for a variety of reasons:

They enjoy the health benefits such as reducing their dependence on alcohol, reducing anxiety, easing stress and improving sleep;

Additionally, there is the growing sober curiosity factor in our society, that is, seeking viable alternatives to alcohol and drugs while still wanting something that’s a “feel-good” option;

Given that kava is 100% organic (no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides are used in its cultivations), it doesn’t give you an alcohol-type hangover the following morning.

The Pacific Islanders Influence

What you may not know is that there is also a large population of Pacific Islanders in this country. Kava is the cornerstone of Pacific Islander tradition and whilst an acquired taste, it helps connect Islander-Australians with their cultural identity.

Moreover, because the drink is not alcohol, it is a lot less harmful than other substances that are readily available in Australia, whilst also providing some health benefits for drinkers. 

Pacific Islanders are often asked – “Why do you drink it?” The reality is that it’s really important to their culture. It is the way they connect and interact when they drink kava that is really good for mental health. In fact, the drinking of kava is well-recognised as a great social tonic.

As a side note, Kava is sometimes used as a treatment for insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Kava Bars in Australia

In the U.S.A, the number of kava bars can be counted in the hundreds. That’s because it’s a relatively mature industry, compared to Australia. The number of kava bars in Australia amount to a handful – so far.

We have no doubt that this situation will change. The drinking of kava in Australia is escalating at a rate that can only be described as phenomenal. As the demand for it grows, so will the proliferation of kava bars in Australia.

Ordering Process

Ordering Kava from Buy Kava Australia is a simple process. Here’s how:

  1. Select the type of Kava you want to order here, then click “add to cart”
  2. Choose whether you would like your order delivered by standard or Express Post (NOTE: All orders over $199.50 are automatically sent by FREE Express Post delivery anyway)
  3. Checkout with your payment method of choice, which includes Visa/MasterCard, After-Pay and PayPal

Our kava is competitively priced. So, you don’t have to break the bank each time you buy some. Whether it’s for yourself, your friends or family members, surely they could use some relaxation too! And don’t worry if you live in a remote area. We deliver locally to every part of Australia (except the N.T.) and we’ll make sure that it arrives on time – EVERY TIME. That way, no-one has to suffer from stress or anxiety while waiting for their delivery.