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Information About Kava in Australia:

How to Prepare Your Kava The Easy Way!

Do you use kava to alleviate stress, anxiety and/or improve your sleep?
Many people here in Australia do exactly that. However, you may also often need to prepare your kava in as short a time-frame as possible.
For instance, imagine that you’ve got friends coming around for a shell or two – on short notice. Or, maybe even, you have to get drinks ready for a party in a hurry (kava cocktails and smoothies, for example).
This is where the Aluball Kava Shaker comes into play. Have a look at this short video and if you like what you see, click on the button below to take you to the shop to buy it now.
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P.S. In our blog article – “How to Prepare Kava“, we also go into detail on the other methods of kava preparation.