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Information About Kava in Australia:


It’s true – the drinking of kava can be very relaxing. Because I was first introduced to Kava some 35 years ago and discovered this relaxation benefit … I liked it!

When I moved to Vanuatu 20 years ago, I became a regular consumer of kava. Why?

As mentioned above, it’s very simple really. I really enjoyed the social aspects of sitting with friends (as well as strangers) in a dimly-lit nakamal (meeting place) at the end of the day and RELAXING!

Drinking kava, I found, was a great way to REDUCE STRESS and EASE ANXIETY. Additionally, it also helped me sleep!


NEVER EVER drink rubbish kava (Or as I call it – “Krap Kava“).

The ONLY kava you should drink here in Australia is that which comes from NOBLE VARIETY plants.

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