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Fiji Kava vs. Vanuatu Kava

Before you buy kava in Australia, learn what the difference is and which is best? The answers might surprise you!

When you look to buy kava in Australia, there’s a question that often arises. That is – which is the best kava – Fiji kava or Vanuatu kava. 

In both Fiji and Vanuatu, kava roots are ground into a fine powder. The Fijian method usually involves mixing the freshly ground powder with cold water and then drinking immediately afterwards.

By contrast, Vanuatu kava preparation is a little more involved. This is because in Vanuatu, kava is prepared using the fresh green roots. After picking, the roots are dried and then milled ready for use. Additionally, one of the major process differences is the use of warm-to-hot water when mixing with the milled kava.

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What Australians Think About our Kava

Here at Buy Kava Australia, experience tells us that the process of mixing the powder with water is one that is best done using traditional methods.

Either way, you should check out this informative AND entertaining video (make sure you watch it to the end for the out-takes!) It’s title is How to Make Kava with Sani and Rutha……and even though it was was made in 2014, it’s as relevant today as it was then. Good stuff!

To top it off, a full and really useful guide on this preparation method can be seen here. Also, before you buy kava in Australia, you can learn more check out the history of Kava here.

The social customs attached to drinking kava are also different in the various South Pacific countries. For instance, generally, Fiji kava drinkers drink heavily diluted kava over 4 or more hours, often accompanied by music and singing. Also, Vanuatu custom is that kava is to be drunk over 1-2 hours at the end of the day, usually in a nakamal (“meeting place”). These nakamals usually have little lighting and the loudest noise being the subdued talking between those drinking kava.

Given that kava is a sterile cultivar, this means that there isn’t much variation in kava lactone content between noble strains. Fiji kava drinkers seem to prize kava lactone content overall. Hence, the reason that Fijians love their Waka kava. Conversely, Vanuatu kava drinkers appear to prefer varieties that have high levels of the kavain lactone (the “feel-good” lactone).

So, all in all, there is little difference in “kava strength” between Fiji Kava and Vanuatu Kava. What’s more, the variance comes in the taste and effects that each country’s kava has. Therefore and importantly, it’s the preparation and water/powder ratio that is crucial in determining how strong your kava brew will be.

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